Day 5: The day I realized I don’t have time
This morning I got up early to get my kids out to school.  Why?  Because I knew I had a lot to do.  I had cookies to bake and actual work.  Now, at 10am, I'm realizing...I don't have TIME for Whole30.  I know what you're all thinking.  First of all, you're reading this, which means you must know me to some degree of familiarity.  That means that the thought running through your mind is..." we come the excuses.  I knew she couldn't do it." I am NOT going to tell you it's too hard, and I can't avoid all my favorite carbs and sugars.  I mean it IS HARD, but here I am midway through day 5 and I haven't been really craving anything.  What I'm finding hard is finding time to try new things.  I was able to make my own sausage the other day with ground pork and spices. I was able to make breakfast for myself on Monday with  the same sausage, and some butternut squash. But I had plans for making my own mayo so I could make chicken salad in a lettuce wrap.  I haven't had time for that.  I had plans to find other new items and vegetables, (new to me, anyway, and that means the list is pretty long).  I haven't had time for that. But yet, with work, I was able to make a batch of oatmeal raisin cookies that I'll never get to eat, NOT lick my fingers after making them, or the spoon, or the bowl, or the beaters.  Or the crumbs that broke off as I was removing them from the pan to the cooling rack. Explain that one to me! I need to go back and write about days 3 and 4.  I'll probably wrap that up in a single post.  There wasn't much to say.

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