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Thank you for visiting my little corner of the internet. I hope to share recipes I find (linking back to the recipe originator, of course), recipes I develop, and just plain fun.  Perhaps I will do some reviews - comparing recipes and other things.  There will definitely be pop culture references - some going back quite a few decades.  I hope you will enjoy your explorations here.  (Oh...and there may be videos, and food photography and knitting and sewing as well!)


Read about the various things that interest me...

Cooking my way through 
i am a filipino by
nicole ponseca and miguel trinidad

Having grown up in an Irish-Catholic family, I aspire to learn more about my own heritage, its culture, foods and traditions.

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knitting my way through
Harry Potter Knitting Magic
by Tanis Gray

If you know me, you know I thoroughly enjoy knitting.  Starting with Harry Potter inspired knits just feeds my Potter obsession.

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Nutrition and healthy living

As I embark on a journey to be a PN Level 1 Coach, I will share things I learn, things I hope to be able to do, and revelations.

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random thoughts about life

My life is such a mish mosh of things - things I love, things I dislike, things I want to learn, things I wish I never learned; not to mention I have a head full of useless trivia!

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desperately seeking good food, entertainment, laughter and peace

jo anne

dear friends,

thank you for reading my random thoughts and ideas.  i tend to babble on about various things - my favorite topics being food and movies.  i'm a big believer in karma - both good and bad.  i always seek to be truthful, and good.

i grew up on long island with an irish catholic upbringing.  now, on a search for knowledge of my heritage and culture, i've started this blog to share that journey, as well as all the other journeys i have begun.

safe travels and good eating in all you do.

jo anne