Heading into the weekend like…

Monday, I begin another nutrition journey - this time with my middle daughter. We will be cutting out gluten, dairy, added sugar, alcohol (me, not my daughter since she doesn't drink), coffee, soy...it is very similar to Whole30 in many respects, but a little more forgiving. We will be increasing our vegetable intake, finding better choices for snacks and beverages, and doing an overall clean out of our system. Upon reflection of this present week, I've been trying to figure out what will be the hardest part to do.  When I did Whole30, I had the least difficulty with the elimination, and my biggest challenge was adding in "good" foods.  So here's hoping I do well. But I'll be heading into the weekend with a sense of enjoyment - not binging - and planning to enjoy delicious foods both before and for the following month.

Trang Doan at Pexels

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