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renaissance woman extraordinaire

food.  knitting. food.  sewing.  food.  photography.  food.  entertainment.  food.  and learning. cooking techniques, knitting techniques, sewing challenges.  different cuisines.  absorbing knowledge of varied industries.  i am a product manager for a tech company.  i am an assistant in a school athletic office.  i am a pampered chef.

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a hobby, a talent, a passion

my day job is my day job.  it's new.  and i fully enjoy it...i'm continually learning and taking on new skills.  the athletic office is a fun job.  i get to help with uniforms, and practices, and games and teams. but what started out as a hobby - my love of food - then developed into a talent.  now, a passion - i love to cook, truly enjoy it, and find that the tools i peddle (i am an independent consultant with pampered chef) help me to enjoy it even more. my favorite days are the days that I get to spend all day cooking. (and watching movies at the same time!)

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