Day 9: Some interesting notes
Today is officially day 9.  I've missed writing on a couple of days, but you know what, life gets busy and some things have to suffer.  But I know you weren't really missing me. It is Day 9, and I still haven't eaten eggs.  I still haven't suffered that nasty GTFO that everyone tells me is going to happen.  But you know what?  I've decided that my headaches are not really the result of getting sick.  I know this because I never really got sick.  So I had a runny nose just before Easter.  I still didn't get sick.  I was using it as an excuse. Instead, I'm resigned to the idea that all the sugar I used to ingest I am no longer ingesting.  I have some friends who tell me I am way too optimistic for my own good.  I must be because this headache has been hanging around - almost like a stress headache where my head meets the back of my neck; positionally it starts to feel better if I hold my head a certain way, but then it comes back minutes later.  Ibuprofen has definitely been my friend, but I do try not to take it regularly. So how am I doing?  I am doing ok.  I am reading labels like there is no tomorrow.  I am eating more nuts than I should be, although not snacking as much as I thought I would be. My breakfasts have, so far, consisted of self-seasoned ground pork (sausage), riced cauliflower and whatever other veggies I can find in my crisper.  I have found haven in Bubba burgers - no bun, but just a little salt - with sliced avo, air-fried chicken wings, and Primal Kitchen Green Goddess dressing on my salad.  I paid $25 for a ticket to a Casino Night where dinner was included, and brought my salad, salad dressing, almonds for some crunch, and some plantain tostones.  I had no beer or wine, while all of my friends enjoyed themselves, but I was totally fine.  I didn't NEED it to have a good time. Today, I searched up some recipes, and found quite a few - plus a woman who I think may be my new hero - Michelle Tam of Nom Nom Paleo. Biggest surprise so far?  I got Matt to eat sausage, riced cauliflower and broccoli for breakfast today.  I wouldn't say he liked it, but he did say, "It's not bad." I do think there is a mind switch.  It's like eating lunch or dinner first thing in the morning.  But if it's the most important meal of the day, why isn't it our biggest, or our most nourishing? By Day 30 I hope to have at least eaten an egg.  My Chef Instructor in culinary school - I hear her voice in my head from the first day of class telling me that eggs are the perfect nutritional package.  So why aren't I eating them??? I hope to devour Michelle's blog - which is several years old, spend hours listening to her podcast, and try as many of her recipes as I'm willing to try.

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