Interesting things I noticed
So while I spent the last two days shopping in preparation for beginning Whole30 today, I discovered just how many products contain sugar or soy additives. Ok, ok. I get it. Maple Bacon is going to have sugar in it. I would be stupid to think otherwise. But Smokehouse Almonds has soy? Why??? Jerky. Turkey, beef, bacon...much of it contains sugar, but I've never been known to have any aversion to a matter of fact, as a kid, I used to love soy nuts. Now? Well, now i just want to know why it is added at all. Is it a preservative? What is the point? Also, as I filled the kids Easter baskets last night, I figured I would have one Reese's egg before I kicked off. I don't know if it is the result of eliminating sugar from my coffee for the last month, or what, but I couldn't eat the whole thing. It was way too sweet. But I found some recipes for chicken salad, mayo, some egg-free breakfast hash...we will see how it goes.

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