Day 1: The Day I Feel Indifferent
Truly. I attribute most of that to this cold that is trying to become worse than a tickle under the surface. I've been headachy for days, and the co-worker suggested it was my brain's way of resisting whole30. Could be. But I wasn't going to let it stop me. I woke up this morning, ate a handful of almonds, brewed my coffee, and proceeded in my attempt to make my own sausage. It wasn't difficult, really. In the bowl, I dumped the pound of ground pork, some sage, rosemary, thyme, onion powder, salt and pepper. I mixed it all up, and pulled off enough to make one small patty. Then I cooked it. Clearly, I had no concept of how much of the herbs and spices I needed to fully flavor a pound of pork. It was incredibly mild flavored. So in the remainder, I added more of all of the above. And cooked another patty. It was delicious. Why have I never done this before??? The rest of the pound got shaped into patties, and they are frozen, awaiting my breakfasts for the next few days. For Easter dinner, I roasted a chicken, with some potatoes and baby spinach. It was delicious. I probably used too much ghee (clarified butter). I probably didn't add enough spinach. But the flavor was good. And everyone ate it. This is how I will get my family to kinda eat Whole30.

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