The Journey Begins
On Easter Sunday, April 1, 2018, I will embark on a journey of food love.  Whole30 always seemed way out of reach for me.  But the more I read about it, the more intrigued I became. There were a lot of good reasons to attempt Whole30.  And a lot of excuses not to.  But in the long run, , well, I just want to be healthy.  It's no fun being the mom who can't walk around the block without getting winded. And the reasons to DO Whole30 far outweigh the reasons not to.  For a long time, the reasons not to rose to the top:  I love the taste of fried food - I don't want to give that up!  I love milk and sugar in my coffee, there is NO WAY I will ever drink it black.  I can't not eat bread.  I can't eat eggs.  (This last is not an allergy, but a 47 year old choice). The reasons to do Whole30 come down to 4 words.  Matt, Cam, Morgan, Keira.  That's it.  There doesn't need to be any other reason.  Oh.  Maybe just one.  ME.  Like anything you try to do, or try to quit, ultimately, you have to do it for yourself.  When I say my family are the reasons, I guess inspiration is the better term.  I don't want to MISS anything because I make the choice to unhealthily eat my way into a stupor.  I don't want them to miss me because I make a stupid choice to eat myself into a really unhealthy place. So here I am.  Coffee is my Kryptonite.  It has always been the biggest single blocker to attempting a detox like this.  Mostly because I, up until about a month ago, always drank it with milk and sugar.  Now I don't.  But that's a post for tomorrow and my preparations. Maybe by the end, I'll learn to like eggs after all these years.  

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