Day 13: Uh oh, here comes that pesky weekend
And with the weekend come WholeStruggles while doing your first Whole30. I've gotten a lot of comments from egg-eaters about "why did I start with a fried egg?"  and "you should have started with scrambled!" DO THESE PEOPLE KNOW ME??? When would I ever choose something soft and squishy over fried and crispy? But I'll give it a go, on Monday. The weekend is going to be a challenge.  We've got an evening at the mall planned for tonight, and then tomorrow, I take my oldest to an accepted students day at one of her college choices.  Sunday, I spend all day at a dance competition where no outside food is allowed - you can only eat the food you can buy at their oh-so-healthy concession stand. I don't know how that will go.  I plan to pack a cooler, but it might have to stay in the car.  I see a lot of walking in my future that day.  

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