Day 12: Which came first?
So if you know me at all, you know that I dislike eating eggs.  So it comes as no surprise that this post would be my first with any visuals. When I started talking about Whole30 with friends and family, it became clear that eggs were a big part of anyone's success.  Since I was able to drop milk and sugar from my coffee, I feel pretty strongly that I can overcome my fear, nay, my distaste, for eggs. Today is the day.  I found Michelle Tam's Crispy Fried Egg recipe.  I found it a few days ago.  So after getting the kids to school, preparing to rest during stretches where I didn't have meetings scheduled, I threw some ghee in the pan, and fried my egg. Here's where I modified the recipe.  At no point in her recipe does Michelle Tam flip her egg.  But I decided, the best part of a fried anything are the crispy bits - and well, if I could get more crispy bits by flipping the egg, well, then I must do it.  So I did. Watch below to see what happened. [youtube] Ok, if you didn't watch, I'll tell you.  This egg was not "over-easy" it was "over-done."  My reaction is less than pleased. So did I eat more than the two bites that it took over three and a half minutes to eat?  Well, I ate about half the egg.  I threw the rest out.  I told Matt I'd be wasting a lot of eggs this month.  Today?  I only wasted half an egg.  So that's not too bad. Thanks for reading!

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