Anticipation, is keeping me waiting
WAITOver that last several days a number of revelations have hit me.  Ok, maybe they shouldn’t be called revelations.  But I came to a few realizations.  These are thoughts involving the following: Boy Meets World, Harry Potter, watching television with my kids, raising teens, and general anticipation. For tonight, I am going to start with anticipation.  Anticipation breeds anticipation.  As a self-proclaimed dance mom (no, not one of THOSE dance moms, at least I try not to be, but legit, the mom of a dancer), I am anxiously awaiting the casting list for the competition casting of the upcoming season. It’s shaping up to be a promising year, as my own daughter is very much on the cusp of moving up in her dance class levels.  I don’t know if she will, but I can hope.  And I have faith in the powers that be that the right decisions regarding her progress will be made.  But the casting list might be a half-decent indicator of what is to come. That said, I know that I am not the only one awaiting the cast list. It’s like waiting for Christmas Morning when you know some of what you’re receiving and you know you’ll be surprised by the rest!  But the longer the time frame of our anticipation, the greater and more suspenseful the anticipation.  As fun and exciting as that state of affairs may be, it also leaves room for masterful speculation.  And when you let people speculate for too long, well, let’s just say nothing good can come of that. But, here I sit, patiently waiting for an email that is likely still a week or so out.  While we all await the same list, for the same reasons, we also have our own reasons, unique to each of us.  And while I look forward to sharing the casting once it is received, the best I can do is sit here and wait.  As I said, anticipation breeds anticipation.

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