Happy New Year
Once again, I find myself at the start of a new year, with a fresh blog. This time, it was my own stupidity, and as I’ve said several times in the past couple of months, back your shit up because it won’t be there one day if you don’t. Fortunately, thanks to good friends, who like to spend some of their time helping out a friend such as myself, I have been able to recoup most, if not all of my old posts. And, over time, I will be recycling them to this incarnation of the blog. For now, it will live as just “Notes” but as time goes on, I hope to find a more fitting title to my blog. Let’s start the year off with resolutions. These are not something I usually hold. I don’t like setting them, and I don’t like being accountable to keep them. As my husband says about a good many things, “low expectations yields high rewards.” But setting goals, and then having low expectations is one thing. Not setting goals at all is another. People choose this time of year to set new goals and very often, they aren’t new at all. At least not in my case. I hope for good health, good fitness. I hope for happiness. All things that are entirely within my control. But, in thinking back over the last year, and thinking about my father (as I do from time to time), I would like to be more like him. Generous spirit, good heart, helpful, and honest-to-goodness good man. There were a lot of things he frowned upon. A lot of things he tolerated. I know what they were. I want to be like him.

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