Ready-to-bake cookies
Ok. I admit it. I buy the ready to bake cookies from Pillsbury. I will tell you that they don't come close to homemade. And they involve little-to-no bonding time with my children. But I will have to give them their props when it comes to being able to provide what my kids think are a real home made treat in almost no time at all. Prep time is non-existent, and cleanup is minimal. I don't know about you, but I like my sugar cookies with a little crunch to them. Not overcooked, but a nice golden tinge to them, and a little crisp around the edges. I have come home on occasion, and had my husband present me with cooked cookies, from the ready-to-back package, and they were as pale as the precooked dough. Now I'm not saying he can't follow directions. He cooked them exactly as long as the package says to. What I am curious about, is how many people like their sugar cookies that gooey. Chocolate chip cookes, definitely. Sugar? Not so much. At least for me. I cooked a batch up today that were perfect. And now my kids know a perfect sugar cookie as well. Next is to teach them how to bake them from scratch...which are soooooo much better.

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