Biting the bullet…
Over the holiday break, my college student was home, getting herself ready for the upcoming (now in progress) spring semester.  She
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invested in an Apple Pencil, and used it with her iPad and the app Good Notes.  She had mentioned that she wanted to start bullet journaling, but needed the pencil for school, and so, she took the time to create a digital bullet journal. The results were beautiful.  I wish I could share some of her pages, but the bottom line was...she inspired me - as my kids most often do.  However I had recently invested in some notebooks, and planner inserts of my own, and couldn't justify the cost of the Apple Pencil (although it is on my wishlist should I ever find myself in a higher paying job). So, instead of dropping $99 on the pencil, I dropped about $15 on a few Micron Pigma Pens and a small stencil.  From all the blog posts and tutorials I've read, I was becoming overwhelmed.  So many options, and so much to choose from.  But one underlying message held true from all the bloggers.  Use a practice journal, expect mistakes, keep it simple and add embellishment later. And so I have.  I found that a notebook I purchased last year for actual note-taking, was the perfect option to be a practice journal.  I started by making a list of the different types of pages (Index, Future Log, Monthly, Weekly, Daily, Collection) and determining what I needed to do first.  As any good bullet journaling blogger will tell you, take it slow. So I started with an Index page.  This is my first page, and will allow me to update regularly.  My second page is titled the Key.  I expect to use this for note-taking symbols (To do, Complete, Migrating, Cancelled), but at the moment, all it has is a title. Next is a Future Log.  This has all the upcoming important dates for the next 6 months.  I don't know if the journal will last six months, or nine, or twelve, but we'll start with six.  Lastly, I started outlining a 90-day goals spread.  This includes a personal goal and a business goal, and Pampered Chef is the business on which I am focusing. I haven't fully fleshed out this 90-goals spread, but I hope to update this blog, weekly, with how my bullet journal is progressing. Anyway, I have kept it to pencil.  There has been no ink, no color added.  I used one stencil for the Future Log.  But beyond that, it's pretty simple.

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