Reintroduction Day 8
So I am on reintroduction Day 8.  I have decided that it was the fried food that made me feel so crappy.  I have continued to eat legume products, in limited capacity, although I've avoided midday (or anytime) hummus, just because it's bad enough feeling sleepy when I'm tired.  I don't want to feel sleepy when I am NOT tired. On Friday, I reintro'd gluten free grains of rice and corn.  My boss at work says I should avoid corn - because it is essentially sugar - but I find that it too, in limited quantity as long as it doesn't make me feel like garbage, is probably ok. Saturday was Reintro Day 5.  It should have been a Whole30 day.  But I'll tell you, aside from the sleepiness from the hummus, and the knife being ripped through my gut due to the deep fried food, everything was coming back pretty good.  Granted, I've been reintroducing in small quantities, but still...nothing is killing me yet. So anyway, I found out that the pizza shop across from the dance competition we were at had gluten free pizza.  I figured, what the heck - it can't be bad.  I would order with just olive oil and garlic, some grilled chicken and no sauce.  That's exactly how I ordered it.  And as I walked across the street to pick it up, I realized I forgot to say NO CHEESE.  Ugh.  I was not supposed to reintroduce cheese until Day 7.  But, as I said above, I seemed to be doing ok with everything else, so I ate the cheese.  Interestingly enough, they screwed up the pizza.  It was gluten free.  YAY.  but they put red sauce on it and no grilled chicken.  I'm sure I paid for the special, but ultimately, it didn't matter.  I had a pizza in front of me with cheese. And it was pretty good.  And I had no adverse effects. So one of the greatest things of this whole experience, is the absence of joint pain.  And at this point, I'm fairly confident that it is gluten-related. I will find out tomorrow.

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