Gratitude Challenge: Day 4
"Write a short message of thanks for some of the "negative" things in your life." Dear Life-that-could-have-been-different, Every day, I see and hear reminders of "what could have been."
  • Music to remind me of the dream I used to hold on to
  • Signs of new technology and engineering that could have been developed by me
  • Pounds that might not have been gained
And every day, I get hugs and kisses good night from all the wonderful things that "are" as a result of passing on "what could have been."
  • My family, all of them love music almost as much as I do. One dances to it, on competes gymnastics floor routines to it, and one, along with my husband, love it for the pure enjoyment of listening to it.
  • I get to enjoy all the technology...without the headaches of bringing it to market. And boy, do I love my gadgets.
  • I won't blame my kids for the pounds. The baby weight has long since turned into ME, but I'm ok with that.  I am not vain, nor shallow. I like, no, love who I am.
So, Life-that-could-have-been-different, I'm sorry we've never met, but I have my Wonderful Life, and it is just that, a Wonderful Life. (Cue music) Sincerely, Me100'000 thank you

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