Gratitude Challenge: Day 2
Ornamental alphabet"Use the alphabet as a fun and quick format for making a list of things for which you feel grateful. Share this list with your social network through email, a blog post or a Facebook or MySpace page." Autumn is my favorite time of year.  It makes me think of most of the things on this list. I love to read books.  They are such a great escape, and I am fascinated by the imagination of others; from picturing scenery in my head, to imagining that something unheard of could be possible. Comfort foods really are fall foods for me.  Mashed potatoes, backed mac and cheese, Clam Chowder, Corn Chowder, heavy pastas.  All the foods that are just too heavy to eat in the summer (ok, they really aren't but they are so much more welcome in the fall!!!) One of the activities that really kicks into gear in the fall is Dance.  Whether it's choreography, class or rehearsal, I love to watch my daughter dance. I am so thankful for the Education that my parents were able to so lovingly provide.  They put up with my passion, as well as my problems, and ultimately, I think I turned out ok. Ok, I started out trying to make this a nice, well-written post, incorporating my alphabetical appreciation, but that's not working for me. Here's the rest: F-Fandoms - I love Fandoms.  I have found the Harry Potter Fandom, the Dr. Who fandom, and all the others I follow to be entertaining, and helping the "legends live on" G-Gymnastics - My daughter is thoroughly enjoying gymnastics.  She has gained not only physical strength and resilience, but ambition, and stick-to-it-iveness that she might not have otherwise gained. H-Hearing - I like hearing.  I think I am losing my hearing.  Which makes me like my hearing even more. I-Iced Tea - This is my favorite drink.  It doesn't matter how cold it is out.  I love it. J-Jiffy-pop - Well, my microwave is dead.  And I don't have any other means to pop corn.  So Jiffy-pop is the only way for me to get my popcorn fix when I'm not at home. K-Knitting - love knitting. It's one of my many creative outlets. L-Laughter - one of my favorite things to do. A good laugh can be a true pick me up. M-Music - my first love N-Northeastern University - my alma mater. O-Origami Owl - my side business. P-Potter, Harry Potter - how can I not be grateful for this???? Q-Quilting -  another creative outlet I thoroughly enjoy. R-Ravelry - a great community where I can find great knitting patterns. S-Soccer - My daughter's favorite sport. Keeps her busy and active. T-Takei, George - he makes me laugh U-Unicorns - I thank the unicorn for the green alligators and long necked geese, the humpy backed camels and the chimpanzees, the cats and rats and elephants... V-Vacation -  it is rare and wondrous fun. W-Water - it's my liquid life X-Xylophones - they make music, and they start with X. Y-YouTube - it entertains me Z-Zoos - they contain animals

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