I love to plan anything involving food
I love food. I'm not shy about that. My belly will tell you the same story. My blood pressure will tell you the same story. And when I attended culinary school, I was thrilled. I got a really good job upon graduating (Salutatorian!) as a Sous Chef with a very small, but very successful catering company about 20 minutes from my house. The gig didn't last too long, as I determined that loading and unloading while pregnant was probably not the smartest thing in the world. So here I am. Planning parties for fun. Perhaps I should be a party planner. My friend texted me a few weeks ago to let me know she was having a "catalog" party, and to let her know if I wanted anything. I convinced her to skip the catalog party, and to have a real party so that the consultant could peddle her wares, and let me cook. That's right. I have no idea how many people will arrive (we're thinking 12?) but I plan to cook. We decided on an appetizer menu. I went through some recipes that I had, and settled on Stuffed Mushrooms, a steak crostini, meatballs and a cheese/cracker plate. It's probably a lot for 12 women. But, I think with enough wine (beer for me) we'll be hungry and devour it all. The party is tomorrow. I'm excited. I haven't had a chance to cook for people in a long time. My steak is marinating, and all other ingredients have been purchased. My poor friend was unable to find any flat-leaf parsley. Her grocery store only had curly, so I picked it up. I'm sure she'll want to know what the difference is. So I'll explain it now. Curly parsley has no flavor. It only has ONE purpose. Garnish. It's just for looks. Flat-leaf on the other hand, has some flavor to add. And you can garnish with it. Why would you ever buy curly again?

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