Goals and Opportunities
After suffering some unneeded stress earlier this week - totally not even worth going into - I began wondering if there truly is a low-stress option.   Let me rephrase that.  I began wondering if there truly is a VIABLE low-stress work option; one that won't leave me destitute, and telling my kids they can no longer dance, take gymnastics, or play soccer.  There really isn't.  Not without taking a year or two break from all that fun. So I find myself doing what I always do.  Trolling Facebook and reading about all the things my friends are accomplishing in their every day lives, journeys (real or figurative) that they are embarking on and as always happens once or twice a week...I see a post from Typographical Era.  This is the home of a very good, long-time friend of mine.  He likes to read.  He likes good movies and television.  He likes to write.  He writes all the time.  But every now and then I find a typo - and I point it out. Here is the conversation we had today. --------------------------------------------------------------------
PixelJo: "What does it take to truly stand out in today's over crowed, fast paced world?" PixelJo: 😛 PixelJo: Should that be 'crowded' or should i be asking you to define 'over crowed?' Aaron: you are my favorite editor!  when are we going to start working on our novels? Aaron: seriously
-------------------------------------------------------------------- Good question.  We've both had rumblings of ideas; plot bunnies that just sit and simmer.  Admittedly, some of mine haven't gotten much past the "I want to write a different kind of love story" but some have a little more substance.  I started writing.  Once.  I stopped after three pages. -------------------------------------------------------------------- PixelJo:  I want to.  I REALLLY want to.  Need to get out of the rat race and do for ME. Aaron: take me with you! 🙂 PixelJo: I wish we could find a way Aaron: me too Aaron: well at least i know one person reads my blog posts 🙂 -------------------------------------------------------------------- If you haven't done so yet, click that link to Typographical Era.  Look, there it is again.  You won't be disappointed.  Aaron and Karli have done a wonderful job combining the works of two blog writers and making a single, well-branded website.  Do it so I'm not the only one reading their blog posts.  (I'm really not.  But go say hi.  They'll love you for it!) --------------------------------------------------------------------
PixelJo: Did you start writing your novel?  What's it going to be about? Aaron: not even close, no Aaron: so many ideas PixelJo: So lets set a deadline to narrow down ideas and if we need to, we can set a deadline BEFORE that to come up with valid criteria for narrowing down PixelJo: aka, I can see the following 3 subplots or whatever, leading off the main arc-ing plot or something like that. Aaron: nice, taking action! i like it PixelJo: Ok.  Criteria for narrowing down: 2 ideas by July 15. narrowing down novel ideas to 3 using our "approved" criteria by August 31. Aaron: it's on!  i agree to those deadline
-------------------------------------------------------------------- So there it is.  Accountability.  To each other.  An opportunity to do something new and different.  Goals to achieve.  Wish me luck. Step 1: Blog about it.  Make it known.  It is now known.

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