Fall in New England

This is probably one of my most favorite times of the year; and certainly the main reason I would not want to move from New England.  The leaves change color, the air is crisp and cool. The kids play soccer.  There's always a healthy glow to anyone's face when they come inside from the chilly fall air.  This season elicits memories of firesides, hot chocolate, rustling leaves, heavy sweaters, light jackets. 

Most of all, it makes me think of hand knits, and comfort foods.  This is the time of year we whip out the slow cooker and start to think about hearty stews, chunky chowders, baked pasta dishes, and more hot chocolate.  This is the time of year you want to curl up under a blanket with a good book, or a knitting project, and just fly through it.  (Lately, I do both...I throw a book on my iPod and try to knit at the same time.  I think I get a lot done that way!)

This fall, I am working on a number of projects...the Easy Beret by Sirdar, a drop-stitch scarf using recycled silk, a trio of sweaters for the kids, a blanket, a poncho for a friend, and more.  Admittedly, I am looking forward to whipping up some quiche, and some tomato soup in the next week or so.

With Thanksgiving arriving in no time at all, I can say, with confidence, that while I am disappointed that I am not cooking, I am also glad that cleanup will not take place in my home. 

Happy Thanksgiving to all.

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